18 Apr
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Overwhelmed with gratitude

DSCN1635The amount of community support we have received over the last several weeks is nothing short of amazing.  This weekend we were busy socializing and catching up with friends, both new and old.  On Friday, the fundraiser at Flower Child was very successful!  We saw many of you out there drinking your tea and lemonade while sharing words of kindness and support.  Friday night Hollis was able to attend a birthday party with friends he has known since pre-school.  It was great for him to see old friends, although he wasn’t in the mood to run around.  Due to the steroids needed to keep the brain swelling down, his personality is definitely subdued.  Those who know Hollis aren’t used to him being quiet, calm or still!

On Saturday we were able to visit with family all day while still squeezing in Rhett’s baseball game.  Again, the support we received from our St. Francis Little League community this weekend left us inspired.  And finally, the number of supporters that showed up at Flip Dunk last night was nothing short of amazing!  There was no way we could adequately visit and thank each of you for being there to support us last night, both financially and spiritually.  The night ended with a prayer circle lead by dear friend and cancer advocate, Lorraine Tallman.  We could literally feel the power of the prayers filling us up with hope to continue this fight against DIPG.  Please continue to pray that we stay strong, encouraged and that God will lead us down the right path…DSCN1635DSCN1635


Just wait…. It’s not even close to done. The outpouring has just begun. Your love as a mother is strong and your family is amazing. And your community is rallying around you. We have a big one for you May 14. Hold them tight and love them. We’re all here for you guys. Be strong and embrace the love.

I’m sorry to hear about Hollis’s diagnosis. I will keep him in my prayers. You might find this Facebook group a support for your family. https://www.facebook.com/groups/DIPGfamilies/ You don’t have to go through this alone. Sending love!!

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