23 May
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Off on our Make a Wish adventure!

The past week has been filled with so much activity, those following our facebook page are amazed!  Wednesday was the last day of radiation at the Mayo Clinic for Hollis so we tried to celebrate the whole week.  Last Sunday, May 15th, Hollis and his brother Rhett were invited by the Arizona Diamondbacks to throw out the opening pitch.  They also brought along both of their little league teams and their families.  It was a wonderful experience for the boys and their friends.  Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!  Then, on Tuesday night we returned to the ballpark and were treated to a team meet and greet plus a behind the scenes tour.  To say we felt like royalty is an understatement!  I don’t think the boys realize how extraordinary the experience was and for many kids would be their Make a Wish dream come true!  I told Rhett not to brag at school the next day about what happened and who he met since other kids would think he was making it up anyways.  It really was beyond belief.  Thanks Arizona Diamondbacks for making 2 little boys feel so special…

Wednesday night to celebrate our radiation adios we had a big party courtesy of The Yard and Fox Restaurant Concepts.  So many people showed up to support us, it was overwhelming.  Thanks to everyone who went out of their way to join the party!  A couple of special guests from Make A Wish were there to reveal further details to the boys about our trip to Hawaii.  They are so excited!  Hollis woke me up at 5 this morning to ask if we were leaving today.  Even when I told him no and go back to bed, he didn’t.  He lay down beside me and talked about what he thought he might see or do.

Saturday we had a fundraiser at Hissyfits featuring Star Wars players!  Hollis got a few bites of mint ice cream from Mary Coyle’s ice cream truck, so it was a huge success in his eyes.  Storm troopers + mint ice cream = rocking time.  Thanks to Nikki Cox, the whole store team, vendors and cos play friends who braved the heat in those costumes to bring smiles to the kids!

I can’t even begin to talk about the Hope Fore Hollis golf tournament/family experience on Sunday.  A sold out field of 144 golfers participated, many of them flying in from out of state to be there.  Then, later that afternoon the family event began and hundreds more showed up!  The weather was wonderful and the course was beautiful.  Hollis was so excited to jump in the bounce house, practice his golf swing, throw some corn hole and even run around in an inflatable ball that he called a hamster ball.  He got to eat a hamburger with a bun and an italian ice, so again a very good day!  By the afternoon he started to get tired and overwhelmed so we had to take a break.  The owner of the course had thought ahead and had a blanket and pillow ready for us in his office!  After a quick nap, he tried to get back into the party mode but was still a little overcome with emotions and not quite himself.  He officially stopped taking steroids on Wednesday but it takes a few weeks for them to entirely exit his system.  So, with the exception of this minor setback, he had a great day.  Rhett didn’t stop running, swinging, dancing and throwing for 6 hours!  The boy with the orange hair was everywhere!   Thanks to Bob McNichols, Owner of Longbow Golf Club and Kim Nelson, Director of Retail, OB Sports plus so many others, for this flawlessly executed event!

Tomorrow we will head off on the trip of a lifetime and with it comes very mixed emotions.  The boys are only filled with joy and excitement but Shane and I are almost dreading it for what it represents.  We hope it will bring a change of pace, time to relax and laugh with each other, make memories and dream about the future.  I hope it’s a trip we will one day repeat to celebrate Hollis being healed.  So, please continue your fervent prayers that God will bring healing, either miraculously or through the hands of skilled scientists and doctors.



So well written. You made me smile, you made me cry… It’s truly amazing how the community has come together for Hollis. That’s how loved your family is! Wishing you and the family a lot of fun and relaxation in Hawaii. You all deserve this amazing break! Hugs, the de Weerds/Bannings

Praying!!!! Our hearts are with you all! We Love you!

I am so glad that Hollis and Rhett have the opportunity to do the things they are doing. I just wish it wasn’t for the reasons It is. Both of them are great little boys with great parents . Stay strong and keep your faith in God. May he bless you for you faithfulness to him.
We love you guys and are praying for you daily.

Praying for you all and this trip. I am joining my requests with yours toward heaven. Praying this “Make a wish trip” marks the making of answered prayers for healing. Rest and enjoy these moments. Love you guys,

Terell and I will continue to pray. And yes, may this time be filled with love, laughter, fun and rest! Much love to you all!

Jay and Dee Naftzger
May 24, 2016 4:02 pm Reply

We hope you all have a wonderful, restful, yet fun time on your trip to such amazing beauty. You are all in our prayers❤️

Jay and Dee Naftzger
May 24, 2016 4:09 pm Reply

Have a wonderful time!

God bless you all and create as many memories as you can!

Beautiful. Praying for you all!

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