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Post radiation treatment

Next week is Hollis’s last day of radiation on May 18th!  We wanted to let everyone know what the immediate future holds for him.  The following week are taking off on a Make a Wish trip and will enjoy much needed family time!  Once we return, we will have a few days then will be back in the air bound for Cologne Germany.  After much prayer and careful consideration we have decided to undergo Immunotherapy treatment for Hollis.  Without going into a lot of detail, we felt as if God were opening doors that allowed us to pursue this option.  We can’t begin to thank our family, friends and community enough for the overwhelming amount of support we’ve received.  We’ve tried to thank everyone but feel we have failed!  There’s no way to express the gratitude we feel… If we haven’t been able to personally thank you for your contribution, please accept this as THANKS!

In a nutshell, they will take blood from Hollis and send it to a lab to harvest and modify his own stem cells.  Then, they will inject the dendritic cells back into his body in an effort to induce a specific immune response against the tumor.  He will also be receiving hyperthermia and virotherapy.  They will inject the Newcastle Disease Virus into him.  It is harmless to humans and infects only tumor cells. This helps immune system recognize these cells as dangerous and attack them. The Hyperthermia sends radio waves to tumor. Healthy cells are not affected by these frequencies but tumor cells are forced into oscillation that heats them and destroy their cell walls-the cancer cells perish. To prevent their death, tumor cells generate HSP (heat shock protein) and that protein enables the immune system to identify tumor cells. So the last step will be to let his own modified dendric cells to fight and destroy those tumor cells.

We have been following several other families receiving this treatment and have heard good results.  We have also enlisted much smarter friends than us to interact with the German Drs to ensure this sounds like a logical and scientifically sound therapy.  Our understanding is that they have only been performing this on DIPG patients for less than a year but the initial results look promising. At this point it seems like the least invasive and most promising option.  We are still reaching out to other Doctors domestically and globally if additional treatments are needed.  In the meantime, please keep us in your consistent and fervent prayers.


I’m so glad God has given you peace in the next step!! We have been praying for clear direction for you all. We will continue to pray for Hollis and all of you. Much love to all of you,
Terell and Sharon

Your old Avendra friends are thinking about Hollis and your whole family. Jesse shared his Hope for Hollis bracelets. I have mine on now. Sending lots of support and prayers your way.

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