16 Aug
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Second grade here we come!

We are now into our second week of 2nd grade and Hollis is doing great.  He loves his teacher, friends and getting back into the routine of life.  It’s a little strange this year as his brother is at a different school, but he is dealing with it quite well.  He knows we will likely be returning to Germany several times in the future and isn’t excited about that disruption to his schedule, especially since he will have to continue his homework while we are gone!

Speaking of Germany,  just before we left in July, Hollis and his brother came down with a parasite called Crypto that they contracted at a local water park here in Phoenix.  When they first became ill, and we did not know why, we asked for prayers that they would quickly get over it as they were unable to keep any food down for several days.  As it turns out the whole group of friends we were with that day contracted it.  Needless to say, it added a bit of drama to our airplane ride there!  The clinic in Germany was able to prescribe a natural remedy to help his tummy heal but it took about 2 weeks for him to be able to eat and digest food normally.  In spite of this, he had a decent amount of energy while there and was able to walk around almost as much as usual.  However, his color looks better now that he is eating again!

The treatment went well and was only 3 days long.  They added more of the New Castle Virus to his body while stimulating the tumor with Hyperthermia each day.  The drew blood to see if this indicates the treatment is working as it should.  We are still waiting for those results.  Once the doctors confirm the results we will schedule our next visit, most likely in early September.  Also, we have an MRI scheduled here in Phoenix on August 22nd to see how the treatment is effecting his tumor.  Please pray for a visible improvement!

We are having the Most Best Days we can, enjoying every moment of good health we have with Hollis.  He even feels well enough that he is determined to play flag football again!  The only thing that makes him nervous about this is the heat we are experiencing.  He has had a more difficult time with the weather lately.  Of course, spending the summer in cool Cologne has made the August Phoenix weather seem even worse.  So, if the heat permits, look for some exciting updates of Hollis making touchdowns for his team this Fall!

Please continue to pray earnestly for Hollis and all of the other people battling DIPG.  It’s not just kids, a couple weeks ago a 32 year old man with a family passed away from DIPG.  Please pray for miraculous healing, an effective treatment be found and suffering to end.  We are so very grateful for the opportunity to travel for his treatments, and there is no way to ever thank everyone who has made this possible.  I just pray that God will bless everyone who has played a part to make this possible for us and that God will use this treatment to make Hollis free of Cancer.


You all are continually on our hearts and in our prayers, Shawnee. I hope Hollis has a fabulous school year and football season and grabs the Most Best Days ever.

Terell and Sharon Welch
August 16, 2016 9:41 am Reply

Terell and I will continue to pray for precious Hollis and your family. We will pray specifically for the blood results from Germany as well as his MRI coming up on the 22nd. Much love to you!!

The prayers haven’t stopped within our family. We were so happy to see Hollis in Emilio’s class. I hope they form a nice friendship and new memories. We will lift Hollis in prayer especially on August 22nd!

Praying daily!
Love you
Let us know when the football games are so we can come watch him!!
The Endicott’s

Praying for your miracle every day. So glad to see how well Hollis is doing now.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Hollis’s story continues to inspire me so much! Additionally, your story telling is also inspiring. My husband and I recently experienced the loss of our unborn child and I was just sitting down to start working on a blog about it. You are helping to motivate me!
Praying for you guys!

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